Case studies

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Before: Very concerned about expiration of current term policy, as a decline in health has made it impossible to buy any new policy.

: Client elects an increasing benefit Living Care Extension to either cover his long term care expenses or enhance his estate if he does not have expenses relating to future care.
Before: Forgot she even had a policy.

: Expected proceeds of her Term Extension will create scholarships in her name for underprivileged students from her hometown.

Male, age 62

FEMALE, age 70

Before: Doesn't need life insurance anymore and is letting the term policy expire.

: The return on this client's Term Extension as an investment, which is not correlated to any financial markets, is expected to enhance his estate by over 20%.
Before: Didn’t really think twice about term policy expiring.

: Fearing that his lack of Long Term Care coverage could be an unnecessary financial burden to his spouse and children, he now plans to use a Living Care Extension to reimburse any costs associated with his future care.

Male, age 65

Male, age 68